"What you like" / "What you want" Fried

Brent Holmes ; mostly water

10 cups flour

6 2/3 cups beet juice

20 eggs

40 cups cabbage

Pinch Domesticity

10.oz Ginger

Yasmina Chavez ; mostly water

10 Chinese Sausages

Patriarchal structure to taste

1 gallon Violet Paint

20 green onion stalks

2 teaspoons  disassociation

2 Bottles Kewpie Mayonnaise

Increasing sense of dread OPTIONAL

1 bottle Okonomi sauce

1 Television *

Pickled Ginger OPTIONAL

Sydney Wozniak ; mostly water

2 Cups Bonito Flakes


Brent Holmes is an artist living and working in Las Vegas, Nevada under the moniker Barfing Rainbows. Primarily self taught, and currently employed as a graphic designer for over seven years, his adoration of the imagination is visualized in all mediums from paintings, photography, performance, and sculptural work.
   Brent celebrated his first solo show as Barfing Rainbows in 2011 at Blackbird Studios, with a series of paintings and “Desperational” posters. The Barfing Rainbows philosophy is that creativity is a nauseating, painful and difficult experience but absolutely necessary to get out (much like vomiting). His most recent dialogue is with the rapidly disappearing old Las Vegas and the urban decay which surrounds it, juxtapose with humanity or its lack there of with in it.
   An obsession with modern human absurdity, psychosexual dichotomies, and questions of placement and identity riddle his paintings photographs and texts, with an ever-winking smile towards the greater mysteries that underlie all things. Never without humor, and always in deference to eldritch creative entities such as Francisco Goya, Frank Frazetta, Alberto Giacometti, and Oscar Wilde.


Yasmina Chavez graduated from UNLV in 2011 with a BFA in photography. She primarily works in photography, video and performance. Together with three other local artist she cofounded of 5th Wall Gallery. While at 5th Wall, Chavez curated Deserting Las Vegas, a road opera by Geneva based performance group “Eternal Tour” and co-curated shows like Sonic Trichromacy, a sound installation by Daniel Steffey, I&I an interactive installation by Luis Brennan, and Tangents, a dimensional photography show by Fred Mitchell. She recently had her first solo show Stranger Bond at Counterspace Gallery and premiered her first short film Patty Cake at Spring Flicks 2012 in Las Vegas, NV. Her notable past, includes participating in “Off The Strip” a new genres festival and showing in the juried exhibition for Claes Oldenburgʼs 30th Anniversary of his Flashlight sculpture.






Jasmina Chavez

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